Tony Gaskins Academy

Dating 101: Understanding Men

After receiving thousands of questions from women asking about the ways of men in dating, I decided to address the most common concerns. This course will go in depth discussing the male mindset in relationships.


When To Let Go

In this course you'll learn the signs of a dead relationship. Life is too short to waste time with the wrong person. By the end of this course, you'll know if you should keep fighting for the relationship or if you should let it go.


10 Steps To Self-Love

These 10 steps are simple, but they aren't easy. This will require sacrifice and work. Loving yourself is harder than most people think. We naturally feed into negative self-talk and that leads to accepting less than we deserve.


Raising Young Men (Ages 13-18)

This course is intended for young men ages 13-18. In this course, key lessons for growth and maturity will be shared. Watch one video a day, take notes, and answer the questions in the video.

The Mastermind

Next level lessons for authors, speakers, and coaches. Monthly mastermind calls with Tony, to gain insight on the latest and greatest tips and tools in the industry. There are no secrets left out of the monthly sessions.