Tony Gaskins Academy

Life Coaching Certification Course

This course will teach you everything you need to know about life coaching and building your coaching business. This course goes where other courses won't go and shares insight from proven success in the coaching industry.


This Is My Year!!

14 Rules to dominate the year 2020! Watch one rule a day, and follow up with a journal prompt to start your day right. You can repeat the exercises each month if you'd like. A little bit of growth never hurt anybody!


10 Steps To Self-Love

These 10 steps are simple, but they aren't easy. This will require sacrifice and work. Loving yourself is harder than most people think. We naturally feed into negative self-talk and that leads to accepting less than we deserve.


Love & Relationships

All courses on love and relationships. More courses will be added!



Build your brand as an Author and Expert in your lane.


Real Love University

Real insight on real love. For love at all stages. This course discusses what self-love really means, healing from past pain, breaking soul-ties, preparing for real love, and building a healthy and long-lasting relationship.