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Coaching is in demand because many people need and want a coach. With billions of people in the world, there will always be a need for more life coaches. It's only right that everyone has the opportunity to earn a living doing what they love. If you want to be a coach, that means your desire is to help others. Coaching allows you to support yourself while serving others and fulfilling your purpose.

Live Your Purpose

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Anyone who has a passion for helping can become a coach. Coaching isn't about how smart you are but about how passionate you are. This isn't a field for those seeking money over the mission. This is a field for those who feel called to help others live a better life. If you've been through some painful things and learned lessons from those experiences, you are the perfect person to become a coach.


  1. 1
    • 1.1 What is Coaching

    • 1.2 Why is Coaching Necessary

    • 1.3 Who Needs Coaching

    • Week 1 Exam

  2. 2
    • 2.1 Being Coachable

    • 2.2 Self-Evaluation

    • 2.3 Making Changes in Your Life

    • 2.4 Integrity

    • Week 2 Exam

  3. 3
    • 3.1 Coaching Categories

    • Week 3 Exam

  4. 4
    • 4.1 Turning Your Mess into Your Message

    • 4.2 Identifying Your Passions

    • Week 4 Exam

  5. 5
    • 5.1 Image Is Everything

    • 5.2 Online Presence

    • 5.3 Networking and Marketing

    • 5.4 Establishing Value

    • 5.5 How Writing a Book Can Boost Business

    • 5.6 Becoming a Speaker

    • 5.7 Getting and Keeping Clients

    • Week 5 Exam

  6. 6
    • 6.1 Relating To Your client

    • 6.2 Coaching Etiquette

    • 6.3 - L.I.S.T.E.N

    • Week 6 Exam

  7. 7
    • 7.1 - What Does it Mean To Be Accredited

    • 7.2 - What Does it Mean To Be Certified

    • 7.3 - Where Can You Practice

    • 7.4 - In Person vs Virtual

    • 7.5 - Filing Taxes

    • 7.6 - Group Coaching

    • 7.7 - Membership Course

    • 7.8 - Youtube Coaching Business

    • 7.9 - Merchandise

    • 7.10 - Celebrity Coaching

    • 7.11 - Schools and Corporate Coaching

    • Week 7 Exam

  8. 8
    • 8.1 - Hiring A Coach

    • 8.2 - Getting a Headshot

    • 8.3 - Joining

    • 8.4 - Fix Your Credit

  9. 9
    • 9.1 - LinkdIn

    • 9.2 - Instagram

    • 9.3 - Facebook

    • 9.4 - TikTock

    • 9.5 - Youtube

  10. 10
    • 10.1 - Free Session Promotion

    • 10.2 - Promoting Your Profile

    • 10.3 - Pricing Strategy

    • 10.4 - Free Product Offerings

  11. 11
    • Life Coaching Textbook

    • Workbook (Bonus)

    • Life Coach to Client Agreement

    • Frequently Asked Questions from Clients

    • Client Conversion Cheat Sheet

    • Sample Session Notes

    • New Coach Flow Sheet/To-Do List

    • Sample Email Response

    • Paid Facebook Marketing

  12. 12
    • Latest Q&A Call

    • Latest Q&A Call

About Your Instructor

Course Instructor

Tony Gaskins Jr.

  • Building your business on social media

  • Networking and Marketing

  • Common Mistakes

  • Identifying Your Coaching Niche

  • Getting and keeping clients

  • Expanding Your Brand


Life Coach, Speaker, Author

Brigitte Franklin

I am a graduate of Tony Gaskins Life Coaching Certification Program. I have not only taken this course but also the Entrepreneurship course. I have also been a life coaching client of Tony’s since 2010. Tony is the best of the best. His teaching is very thorough and it takes your vision to higher levels. After each class I felt more empowered and confident. His course is a lot different from traditional courses, as he teaches you not only about success, but how to be successful by truly making a difference in the lives of others. Tony is a true servant of the people. He does not need to sell himself. His gifts make room for him and he takes those who desire to work hard and serve others with him. I give all of Tony’s courses my highest recommendation.

Life Coach, Speaker

Penny Miller

I found Tony Gaskins Life Coaching Certificate Program to be helpful with building my foundational knowledge as it relates to becoming a certified life coach. I have a rigorous schedule, so the telephone structure made it easy for me to take an active role in weekly calls. I like the fact that the calls were held live weekly and led by Mr. Tony Gaskins which helped build trust, momentum and also provided an opportunity for participants to interact with Mr. Gaskins and ask questions. I found Mr. Gaskins transparency as it relates to real works experienced extremely helpful. I now have access to the workbook and our recorded classes for a lifetime, and that's invaluable.

Author, Speaker, Consultant

Nicole K. Webb

I highly recommend Tony Gaskins training! Best professional development investment I’ve made to date!


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