Tony Gaskins Academy

Social Media Mastery

In this course you'll learn how to build your brand online, network effectively, market your products, convert leads, and monetize your social media platform. This is a simple and easy to understand course intended to help beginners.


Make It Work (Video Course)

This course is the video version of the bestselling book "Make It Work." This course course covers each chapter in the book, painting pictures to drive the lessons home. This course is great for couples study, or individual study.


Real Love University

Real insight on real love. For love at all stages. This course discusses what self-love really means, healing from past pain, breaking soul-ties, preparing for real love, and building a healthy and long-lasting relationship.



Soul-Ties, the course! In this course you'll learn what a soul-tie is, the different types of soul-ties, and how to break them. This course is based on the instructors understanding of this term after a decade of intense work with clients.


Dating 101: Understanding Men

After receiving thousands of questions from women asking about the ways of men in dating, I decided to address the most common concerns. This course will go in depth discussing the male mindset in relationships.


10 Steps To Self-Love

These 10 steps are simple, but they aren't easy. This will require sacrifice and work. Loving yourself is harder than most people think. We naturally feed into negative self-talk and that leads to accepting less than we deserve.