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The Mastermind

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I knew what I needed when I started, but there was no one I could turn to. I started my journey in 2007. Twitter started in 2007 and I knew nothing about it. Facebook wasn't a place for marketing and ads at that time. Instagram was years away from being thought about. Google was my only option and it was full of sharks sniffing for blood. That's why I've created this mastermind group. You need something real, something tangible, something step-by-step! You'll get to work with me one-on-one, and have the support of the group.

I'm here to help!

There's nothing off limits!

We will have monthly group mastermind sessions. Our sessions will be very intimate because this investment isn't for everyone. Only those who are VERY SERIOUS will join this program. Everything I know, I will share. Most people say they'll teach you everything, but they don't mean it. You'll notice the difference in our sessions. 


Mastermind Calls

  • July 2019 Call
  • August Call
  • September Call
  • October Call
  • November Call
  • December Call
  • January Call
  • February Call

The Author


  • How To Develop Your Concept
  • How To Identify Your Voice
  • How To Identify Your Target Audience
  • How To Choose Your Genre
  • How To Create A Book Outline
  • How To Create A Writing Schedule
  • How To Build Your Following While Writing Your Book
  • How To Find An Editor
  • How To Find A Proofreader
  • Interior Book Formatting
  • Book Cover Design
  • How To Publish Your Print Book
  • Print and Ebook Publishing Update!!!
  • How To Publish An Ebook
  • How To Market On Social Media
  • How To Get Media Coverage
  • How To Earn on the Backend

The Speaker


  • Find Your Why
  • Turning Your Mistakes into Lessons
  • Storytelling
  • Delivering Your Message
  • Less Is More
  • Speak To Them, Not At Them
  • Creating Value
  • Be Consistent
  • Being Present Online
  • Be Authentic
  • Be Creative
  • Be Your Own Publicist
  • Timely TV and Radio Pitches
  • Go Where You're Celebrated
  • How To Handle Bookings
  • How Much Should You Charge
  • The Power of Free
  • Structuring Your Contract
  • Selling Books
  • Local Help
  • Back of The Room Sales
  • Networking
  • Becoming A Consultant
  • Spreading The Wealth
  • "No"

The Coach


  • Life Coaching Textbook
  • Workbook
  • What Is Coaching?
  • Why Is Coaching Necessary?
  • Who Needs Coaching?
  • Week 1 Exam
  • First Steps To Coaching
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Making Changes In Your Life
  • Week 2 Exam
  • Coaching Categories
  • Week 3 Exam
  • Choosing Your Lane
  • Identifying Your Passions
  • Week 4 Exam
  • Image Is Everything
  • Online Presence
  • Networking and Marketing
  • Establishing Value
  • How Writing A Book Can Boost Your Business
  • Getting and Keeping Clients
  • Week 5 Exam
  • Relating To Your Client
  • Coaching Etiquette
  • L.I.S.T.E.N.
  • Coaching on Discovering Purpose
  • Coaching From A Job to A Dream
  • Coaching After A Breakup
  • Week 6 Exam
  • Stretching Sessions (Coaching Technique)
  • Week 7 Exam
  • Coaching Agreement

About Your Instructor

Tony Gaskins Jr.

Tony Gaskins Jr.

Course Instructor


Birth Your Book Masterclass

Speaker Masterclass

Life Coach Masterclass

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Monthly Mastermind Calls

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I give Tony's courses my highest recommendation! He is the best of the best, and always thorough.
Brigitte Franklin Author|Speaker|Coach
I found Mr. Gaskins transparency as it relates to real life experience extremely helpful.
Penny Miller Author|Speaker|Coach
Everything I needed to learn about being a coach, Tony taught me. His style is smooth and easy to follow.
Brittany Carson Author|Speaker|Coach


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Bonus Material

One-on-One Session with Tony

Vision Call

$1,500 Value
Upon joining the mastermind you'll be scheduled for a one-on-one call with Tony to discuss your personal brand and much more.

Annual Meetup

Connecting and Networking

$500 Value
Once a year the group will converge in Atlanta or Tampa to connect and build with one another.

Industry Connections

Meet the people you need!

Tony will make personal connections for you to the people you need the most. His network stretches far and wide.

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