Healing starts here!

The time is now!

There are many interpretations of soul-ties. Every person and professional may come to their own conclusion about what a soul-tie is, and what it isn't. In this course I break down my understanding of soul-ties. I pull this insight from over a decade of intense work with clients in this area.

You Can Heal

if you admit that you feel..

The path to healing is through feeling. If you can admit the tie exist, you can understand it and then break it. It's time to demystify the soul-tie and overcome the pain of the ties that bind.


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Tony Gaskins Jr.


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  • What Is A Soul-Tie?

  • The Types of Soul-Ties

  • Common Mistakes

  • The Best Ways To Break Toxic Ties

  • Breaking A Soul-Tie When A Child Is Involved

  • Healing and Starting Fresh