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Learning how to love is something we all need to do. We weren't taught how to love in school so we had to learn the hard way. This course will help you hit the reset button and build on a firm foundation. Love is for you! Once you truly learn how to love yourself you'll be ready to love someone else.

Hear your heart!

Don't be afraid to love!

Love is complex but we can make it simple by being willing to get new lessons and build from the inside-out. In this course you'll be equipped with love lessons that will change your life.


  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • Healing before Dealing

    • Loving Yourself

    • Brain, Brand, Body

  2. 2
    • What is a soul-tie and how to break it?

    • Does your ex deserve another chance?

    • Forgiving and forgetting!

  3. 3
    • How should a man love a woman?

    • What is wifey material?

    • How should a man love a woman?

    • What is husband material?

    • What is real love?

    • What is a real relationship?

  4. 4
    • Build your brand!

    • Prepare and position

    • The first date assessment

    • The three month rule

  5. 5
    • Communication

    • Trust

    • How to love

    • What Red Flags Do Men and Women Show In Relationships?

    • How to forgive

  6. 6
    • When Is It Time To Let Go

    • The exit strategy

    • Don't look back

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Course Instructor

Tony Gaskins Jr.


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  • Healing the pain

  • Breaking soulties

  • Learning how to truly love

  • Preparing for real love

  • Identifying red flags

  • Building on a solid foundation



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  • eBook

    Real Love Workbook

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    Take the lessons a step further by answering powerful questions about yourself and the way you love.