Men Healing

Men Healing

Do the work to heal your heart! COURSE LAUNCHES SEPT 30TH

Address The Pain

It starts with you!

Growth Is An Inside Job!

Most men don't take the time to heal. We bear the pain from childhood, adulthood, fatherhood, and relationships, and expect to function at a high level. It's time to stop ignoring the signs and start doing the work to heal from the inside. 

Man To Man

It's time to heal!

You've lived through things that would make an average person fold. Carrying the weight of your past his holding you back and slowing you down. Only you can rescue you! If you don't do the work, it won't get done. Take this step toward healing, and keep building from this point. Ignoring the pain is more painful than healing the pain. 




  • Men Healing Intro

Identifying The Pain Points


  • Men Healing 1.1
  • Men Healing 1.2
  • Men Healing 1.3
  • Section 1 Conclusion
  • Section 1 Quiz

The Truth About Women


  • A Woman's Purpose
  • Healing From Her Hurt
  • She Will Reciprocate
  • Conclusion

Facing Your Fears


  • The Fear of Women
  • The Fear of Trust
  • The Fear of Forgiveness
  • The Fear of Change
  • Conclusion

Inspecting Your Insecurities


  • Are You Insecure?
  • Addressing The Lies
  • Overcoming Insecurity
  • Section 4 Conclusion

Bonus Video


  • The Healing Process of a former Player

The Pursuit of Perfection


  • The Importance of the Pursuit
  • Perfecting Your Heart
  • Perfecting Your Love
  • Section 5 Conclusion

The Benefits of Faithfulness


  • Mental Clarity
  • Spiritual Peace
  • Financial Abundance

If You Need To Get Her Back


  • Admit Your Fault
  • Do The Work
  • Do The Time
  • Conclusion

Key Lessons

Address The Pain Points

Facing Your Fears

Inspecting Your Insecurities

The Truth About Women

If You Have To Get Her Back

The Pursuit of Perfection


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