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Writing a book is a life changing experience. I published my first book at the age of 22, but there is something I discovered that isn't common in the industry. In this Virtual Seminar I'll share my writing strategies that helps me write books in under 30 days. I know it sounds fast, but as you'll see on Amazon, my books have received thousands of 5-star reviews. You can write your story without writer's block if you have the right plan. 

If you've been stuck and unable to write your story in the past, this session is for you. Not only will I teach you how I write, but I'll also answer your questions during this live session. 

I was able to secure a 6-figure book deal with a Top 5 publisher, so this isn't a method that's only for self-publishing. If you're ready to write your story, this session is for you! 

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Bring your book to life and help someone else along their journey. Your life is not in vain. Turn your pain into purpose and your mess into a message. Someone needs your wisdom!


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Tony Gaskins Jr.

  • Book planning

  • Writing schedule

  • Print and Ebook publishing

  • Book Marketing

  • Making money on the backend

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