Tony Gaskins Academy

Men Healing

This video course is intended to help men heal and grow. You have lifetime access, and can watch the videos at your pace. Everyone needs healing. It's time to do the work! Join me today!


Make It Work (Video Course)

This course is the video version of the bestselling book "Make It Work." This course course covers each chapter in the book, painting pictures to drive the lessons home. This course is great for couples study, or individual study.


Healing Your Heart (Call Recordings Only)

This course is the RECORDINGS of past LIVE calls. This course is geared to those who are healing from a break-up, overcoming a soul-tie, and working on self-love. In this course you'll have the opportunity to ask questions each week.



Soul-Ties, the course! In this course you'll learn what a soul-tie is, the different types of soul-ties, and how to break them. This course is based on the instructors understanding of this term after a decade of intense work with clients.


Dating 101: Understanding Men

After receiving thousands of questions from women asking about the ways of men in dating, I decided to address the most common concerns. This course will go in depth discussing the male mindset in relationships.


When To Let Go

In this course you'll learn the signs of a dead relationship. Life is too short to waste time with the wrong person. By the end of this course, you'll know if you should keep fighting for the relationship or if you should let it go.