The Dream Chaser

10 Lessons for the Dream Chasers


Lesson 1: The Birth Path

Understanding the path you were born on and if you need to change directions

Lesson 2: Use Your Gifts

How to use your gifts to earn a living

Lesson 3: Balancing The Dream and The Job

How to balance your dream and your job

Lesson 4: The One Man Show

How to do it alone if you have to

Lesson 5: How To Use Social Media

How to use social media to build your dream

Lesson 6: Become World Renowned

How to build an international brand

Lesson 7: Building The Team

How to build your team

Lesson 8: Expanding Your Brand

How to expand your brand

Lesson 10: Giving Back

The importance of giving back


10 lessons for the dreamer! This course offers insight from my book "The Dream Chaser." This is only a snippet so if you'd like more detailed instruction please grab a copy of the book. I hope you enjoy these lessons.