Social Media Mastery

An A-Z social media course


SM 1.1: What is your identity?

Who are you? What do you want to represent online?

SM 1.2: Build on your name!

The importance of building your online brand under your name.

SM 1.3 Be authentic!

The importance of being yourself online!

SM 2.1 Content is King: Finding Your Message

How to find your message online

SM 2.3: Create a posting schedule

How to create a schedule that works

SM 2.4 Keep it fresh!

How to be creative with your posting.

SM 2.5 Measure your social media

How to measure your reach and build on it.

SM 3.1 Create Scarcity: How much interaction?

How much should you interact with your followers online

SM 3.2 Post in moderation

How much should you post?

SM 3.3 Use your time wisely

How to manage your time online

SM 4.1 Social Networking: Attracting attention

How to attract the attention of celebrities.

SM 4.2 How to identify leads

How to notice business opportunities online

SM 4.3 Bartering or sponsorships

How to barter or use your numbers to benefit you.

SM 5.2 How to market on social media

Effective ways to market online.

SM 5.3 Sponsored Post

How sponsored post work.

SM 5.4 Converting followers into paid clients

How to convert followers into clients

SM Conclusion



An A-Z social media course.