Life Coaching Certification Course

An A-Z training on building your coaching and consulting business.


1 | Intro to coaching

Here you'll learn what coaching is all about.

1.2 Why is coaching necessary?

Why do people need coaching?

1.3 Who needs coaching?

Who needs you to be their coach?

2.1 Being Coachable

What it means to be coachable?

2.2 Self Evaluation

The importance of evaluating yourself first.

2.3 Making changes in your life

How to make changes in your life before coaching others

3.1 Coaching Categories

The different types of life coaching.

4.1 Turning your mess into your message

How to use your story to help you identify your message.

4.2 Identifying your passions

How to identify your passions in coaching.

5.1 Image is everything

Knowing the importance of your image while building your business

5.2 Online presence

The importance of your social footprint.

5.3 Networking and Marketing

How to properly network and market yourself.

5.4 Establishing Your Value

How to raise your value as a coach.

5.5 How writing a book can boost your business

Why you should write a book as a coach or consultant.

5.6 Becoming A Speaker

Why you should become a speaker in addition to coaching.

5.7 Getting and keeping clients

How to attract and keep clients.

6.1 Relating to your clients

How to relate to your clients while coaching.

6.2 Coaching etiquette

How to carry yourself as a coach.

6.3 L.I.S.T.E.N.

How to run a coaching session.

6.4 Coaching on finding purpose

How to help a client find their purpose.

6.5 Coaching from a job to a dream

How to coach a client who wants to leave their job.

6.6 Coaching after a breakup

How to coach a client leaving a relationship.

6.7 Stretching Sessions

How to help your client get out of their comfort zone.


"Tony Gaskins Life Coaching Certification Program is absolutely worth the investment and it is designed to provide a great foundation for success. The program has empowered me to pursue my goals and dreams with confidence. This program has also equipped me with a wealth a knowledge, valuable tools, and resources. I know I'll be an amazing life coach because of this course." ~Lean Wilson, Class of 2013

Do you have what it takes to be a life coach? Do you find yourself supporting others on a daily basis? Are you a motivational friend? Are you an accountability partner? Do you love giving sound-feedback to those in need?

If so, being a life coach is the job for you. Life coaching is not counseling or therapy. A life coach is simply a supporting role in an individual’s life. Life coaches help clients realize their full potential, set goals, make a plan, and then execute; all while holding their client accountable on the journey.

There is such a thing as a certified life coach, but law does not require it. A life coach cannot diagnose individuals or prescribe medicine so the law does not regulate life coaches. Many people ask if the course is accredited. In fact, no course is truly accredited because there isn’t one sole governing body like there is in the practices of therapy and counseling. Your life coaching certification is only as good as the person/people who created it. In most courses you can’t directly see any success of the creators beyond the course they’ve created. You rarely get to see the individual(s) behind the course and how they’ve made their teachings work in their own business.

This course is different. In my case, I learned how to build a 6-figure coaching business and attract celebrity clientele, well before the age of 30! I realized that I created a system and a code of ethics that are rare in this field and that is why I created this course.

If you’d like to learn my blueprint to building a successful coaching business, this course is for you!


"I am a graduate of Tony Gaskins Life Coaching Certification Program. I have not only taken this course but also the Entrepreneurship course. I have also been a life coaching client of Tony's since 2010. Tony is the best of the best. His teaching is very thorough and it takes your vision to higher levels. After each class I felt more empowered and confident. His course is a lot different from traditional courses, as he teaches you not only about success, but how to be successful by truly making a difference in the lives of others. Tony is a true servant of the people. He does not need to sell himself. His gifts make room for him and he takes those who desire to work hard and serve others with him. I give all of Tony's courses my highest recommendation."

~Brigitte Franklin Faith LIFE Coaching/Isaiah 54, LLC

I highly recommend Tony Gaskins training! Best professional development investment I've made to date!

~Nicole K Webb, MBA

I found this course to be very helpful with building my foundational knowledge as it relates to becoming a certified life coach. I have a rigorous schedule so the structure of this course made it easy for me. I like the fact that the teachings are taught by Mr. Gaskins which helped me build trust. I found Mr. Gaskins transparency as it relates to real work experience extremely helpful. I now have access to the course for a lifetime and that's invaluable.

~Penny Miller, LCSW-C - Clinical Social Worker, Washington, D.C.

This program was a great opportunity for me. All the things I wanted to know about life coaching and how to coach was given to me in the program. Tony Gaskins was a great instructor and I learned a lot from him. If you are looking to become a life coach I would say this is the best program!

~Brittany Carson, Spartanburg, SC One True Guidance, LLC Professional Life Coach, Author, and Speaker

I completed Tony's course in April of 2016. He was such an inspiration to me. He was so transparent and humble which is rare when someone reaches a certain level of success. He shared so many insights and stories with us. Not only of his successes but also of his perceived failures. I have been self-employed for almost ten years and informally life coaching for years as well, but his course equipped me to go further than I would have ever made it alone. His words of wisdom and techniques made me think about aspects of coaching that I never even considered. So my advice to those who are thinking about taking the course and have not decided if this is a good investment is, this course is worth every dime that I spent!

~Yalonda Smith, CEO How To Start A Successful Group Home, LLC Cornerstone Consulting & Coaching, LLC